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Corporate liability under Decree 231/2001, organizational models and O.d.V.


Long-time subject of study for Riccardo Lucev since his university career, the corporate liability under Decree 231/2001 is one of the areas of greatest experience for the Firm.


The services provided include the judicial assistance of the legal entity accused pursuant to Decree 231/2001 through the various phases of the criminal proceeding and, thus, starting with the assessment of the existence and effectiveness of the organizational model ( "MOG") when already implemented.


Furthermore, from a preventive and extrajudicial point of view, the Firm has experience in the drafting and implementation of MOG pursuant to Decree 231/2001. Subsequently, and in order to take care of the "dynamic" phase of the implementation of the MOG, Riccardo Lucev is a member of numerous OdVs under Decree 231/2001.

The Firm also provides assistance in the realization and the management of the whistleblowing channels that are mandatory for many corporations under Decree 24/2023.

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